You must be 18 or over to make purchases at  ITAMAR NEWMAN art studio reserves the right to make changes in our policies at any time. All updates regarding terms and conditions will be posted on this page.



Your privacy is important to us. Any information that you submit on our website is strictly used by  ITAMAR NEWMAN art studio. Under no circumstances will we share any personal information to a third party.  itamarnewman web uses the latest security technologies and protocols to ensure our customers a safe purchase on the site.  Your personal credit card information is not stored in any way. SSL certificate was issued and validated by Godaddy.com.



3.1 On this site you can find and purchase a variety of artifacts marketed by ITAMAR NEWMAN art studio; paintings, drawings, illustrations, posters, reproductions and special gifts.

3.2 Customs and Value Added Tax (VAT) When purchasing at ITAMAR NEWMAN art studio, the price does not include customs or VAT. In case of being charged with such fees, please note that it is the responsibility of the buyer to release the fee. If you are facing any query regarding these fees, do not hesitate to contact us at itamarnewman.art@gmail.com and we will do our best to assist you.

3.3 ITAMAR NEWMAN art studio reserves the right to change and/or update the information on the site, to stop selling any of the items offered by it on the site at any time, without notice.

3.4 Purchasing through the website is possible by credit card or by PAYPAL service and is subjected to a required approval from the credit card company. Payment by check and bank transfers is possible only through direct coordination with  ITAMAR NEWMAN art studio. Credit money will not be accepted as payment.

3.5 After placing the order, provided that there is no impediment to carrying out the order, the user shall receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of the date of the order placement.

3.6 If the ordered item is out of stock or the credit card company did not approve the charge, an appropriate notice will be sent to the user, the credit card will not be charged and  ITAMAR NEWMAN art studio will be exempt from the delivery of the ordered item.



If you receive a damaged product you will either be given a replacement of the same product or receive a refund. You have the option to return new, unopened items within 35 days of delivery for a refund. For assistance of queries regarding exchanges, cancellations and refunds, please send us an email to itamarnewman.art@gmail.com



‬When making your purchase‭, ‬you must choose‭ (‬as follows‭) ‬how you would like to receive the ordered item‭:‬

A‭.  ‬Personal Delivery‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Receiving the item within 5‭ ‬business days from the date of the order confirmation‭ (‬Friday-Saturday‭, ‬holidays and eves of holidays not included‭). ‬Delivery costs‭, ‬as detailed in the delivery note‭, ‬will vary according to the shipping area in Israel‭.‬

B‭. ‬Registered Mail‭ + ‬Delivery Confirmation‭ ‬‮–‬‭ ‬Receiving the item within 7‭ ‬business days from the date of the order confirmation‭ (‬Friday-Saturday‭, ‬holidays and eves of holidays not included‭). ‬Delivery cost‭, ‬as detailed in the delivery note‭, ‬will vary according to the Israel Postal Company price list‭.‬

C‭. ‬Self Pick Up at ITAMAR NEWMAN art studio, ‬in yavniel‭. ‬Pickups must be first coordinated by phone.. ‬

4.1‭ ‬Shipments to the West Bank‭, ‬East Jerusalem and abroad must be coordinated directly with‭  ‬ITAMAR NEWMAN art studio‭. ‬

4.2‭ ‬The ordered item will be delivered only and strictly to the customer‭, ‬delivery is subjected to‭: ‬the presence of the customer‭, ‬the customer presenting an identity card and their signature on the ordered item receipt form‭, ‬in the presence of a delivery person and/or representative of‭  ‬ITAMAR NEWMAN art studio and/or a postal service representative‭. ‬Delivery to a post office or mailbox is not possible‭.‬

4.3‭ ‬In the event of a delay in delivery, ‬you are welcome to contact any‭ representative by telephone or email. ‬It is hereby clarified that‭  ‬ITAMAR NEWMAN art studio and/or anyone acting on its behalf shall not be liable for delays in delivery due to events‭ ‬not under their control‭, ‬including natural damages and/or wars and/or hostile actions and/or malfunctions in any communication‭ ‬systems and/or delays in the Israel Postal Company system and any other factor deriving from force majeure‭.‬

4.5 . These regulations are in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel only and in case of any dispute arising from and/or related to it, only the jurisdiction of the courts in North Israel will apply.